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Brett A. Riesenhuber, President & CEO

Brett A. Riesenhuber
Widely regarded as one of America’s most innovative fitness professionals, Brett Riesenhuber has been coaching and training for twenty-two years.

The breakthrough results Brett helps people achieve are largely driven by giving his clients a new way to think. From his own lifelong experience battling weight challenges, Brett created an effective way to channel the powerful role that mindset and attitude play in getting results.

Brett was not an athlete growing up. “I was a regular guy who was way out of shape, packing on way too many pounds. I was a fat kid with a weight problem, and somehow I got into lifting weights. I loved lifting, I just sort of had an instinct for it, and this instinct combined with my love of coaching and helping others succeed, launched my career.”

The programs Brett creates helps people lose weight, keep it off, and recapture lost energy. Each one is designed to give people a simple way to not only lose weight and transform their body, but also to transform their lives.

“Do you ever wonder why so many folks go to the gym who don’t really want to be there? Well, the people who come to our gym aren’t like this at all. They have developed an outlook that completely changes the nature of their commitment to fitness. If you’re going to get with the program, the best place to start is by getting your mindset squared away.”

Brett earned his Bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from San Jose State University in 1994 and is a certified Functional Movement Screen (FMS) and Corrective Exercise professional. He is also a certified Russian Kettlebell instructor and has been certified as a TRX Suspension trainer.

He is the founder and owner of Achievement Fitness, formerly Prime Physique Fitness, and Adventure Boot Camp for Women in San Jose, California. Brett’s mission: “To provide our clients with more than just a workout.”

He was named ‘Personal Trainer of the Year’ by the San Jose Mercury News in 2010. He captured the ‘Number One Personal Trainer’ award by the Campbell Times, Cambrian Times, and Willow Glen Times from 2008-2011, and in 2009 and 2010, Prime Physique Fitness and San Jose Adventure Boot Camp were voted ‘The Best of Silicon Valley’ by the Metro.

The innovative approach Brett has refined over the years is designed for people who live busy lives, and are looking for a more fulfilling experience, greater balance, and improved health.

Best Selling Author of Get With The Program, Brett shows his passion for helping others achieve true results through a successful mindset.

“For years, I’ve wanted to get my approach down on paper. I’ve wanted to give people I may never have the opportunity to meet a simple, proven, and effective way to take control of their weight challenges. Now, with the publication of “Get With The Program,” folks can understand that the thoughts they think, the beliefs they hold, and the attitude they embrace are the true foundations for success.”

Brett and his wife Denise live in San Jose, California.

To get a head start on your program, go to www.achievementfitness.com and schedule a Strategy Session for your body type with Brett today!

Best Fitness Boot Camp of 2009Voted Best Personal Trainer in Silicon Valley for 2010!

Best Fitness Boot Camp of 2009Voted Best Personal Trainer in Silicon Valley for 2010!

Best Fitness Boot Camp of 2009Voted Best Personal Trainer in Silicon Valley for 2009!

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