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Boot Camp Testimonials

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Veronica Before Veronica After San Jose Boot Camp Campbell

HI Brett,
I attended your Campbell Bootcamp in October 2008 which YOU and Bacchus instructed. You were tremendous, motivational, structured and held me accountable. Education on nutrition/allowable foods coupled with exercise program were both essential for me. Attacking only exercise and not food solves nothing.
THANK YOU for jumpstarting my new life with your Campbell Bootcamp of October of 2008!!! In the first picture attached I weigh 175-180 pounds ( and am the BIG girl in the purple top).

In the second picture, taken in June I am the skinny gal in green next to my husband as we celebrated at his 50th birthday party..and weighed  130 pounds.... I have lost 45 pounds.
At 48 years of age I am proud to share that I have maintained 130 pounds ( my high school weight!!) since April this year and am utterly ecstatic.!!!

YOU and your bootcamp were just the catalysts I needed!!! http://gfx2.hotmail.com/mail/w3/ltr/emoticons/smile_wink.gif

 I will be a reference/testimonial any day and in any way for you. Please keep up your stellar program - You are supremely gifted in many ways.

When you shared with me one early morning on the Los Gatos trail, your back injury and recovery and all that you struggled with...it really helped me feel not alone post my ruptured discs /surgery and recovery.
You rock beyond measure and interject humor with serious ,structured workouts- masterfully.
Count on me to support you in any way I can.

Again my sincerest thank you as YOU were and are a godsend.  THANK YOU BRETT!!!
Veronica O
VP - Oracle
Santa Clara
August 2009


Hey Brett
I just finished reading your email. All very excellent points.
You made me think of my journey and what I would tell the girls that wanted to know how I went from a 210lbs blob to 130lbs of health. Stronger both in body and mind.
These are my thoughts from a woman's perspective. Hope you find them helpful .

I would say to women who are in the process of relearning a healthy way to live this:
1. Throw away ALL DIET BOOKS!!!  You are not "on a diet" for x amount of time then back to your normal (and most likely poor) eating life. If this is your goal-   STOP-don't torture yourself!!! You'll just get fatter.  Did you know DIET actually means life.
2.TURN OFF THE TV!!  or at least put on an exercise video and MOVE  MOVE  MOVE and then move some more.
   Take an after dinner walk with your family. You may get to know them.
3.Decide  Make your committment   Write Write Write
   Your goals for your new food life.
   Your food plan-Daily. Monthly.
   Your Successes:
                              I walked with the family. Enjoyed the evening.
                              I caved and ate that choc. piece BUT I wanted to eat 3 pieces. Stopped at the one. Am very proud of myself.
                              Read Whey Protein is an excellent drink after Boot Camp. Put on shopping list.
                              Bed is so warm and cozy. Wanted to stay but got my arse up, put on clothes, and went to camp. Yeah!! I did it. Yeah, I'm committed.
4.Stop your Negative Voice!! Say out loud the negative thought when you find yourself being hard on you.
   I do this exercise:  I write down the negative thought. Take a red pen-cross it out. Then I write the truth of what happened.
   For example: Negative thought, I just ate that piece of cake. What a loser I am. I ALWAYS cave at parties. Red pen across those ugly words that will
   only make me fail. Write the truth-I don't ALWAYS cave. Last two parties I ate veggies and fruit forgoing the cake. This party I had planned on eating a small
   slice of wedding cake and I did just that. I feel very good about my decision. Oh and I usually add shut up neg. girl. Your old news.
5.Don't let those who are afraid of change (most of us resist change. It's scary) determine you. Calmly and lovingly say, I like the new more aware and educated me Then watch their changes. (most husbands will pick up the weights at this point) Damn we are looking good.
6. And most important. HIRE BRETT!!!   HIRE BRETT!!!
    Commit to BOOT CAMP!! one month-six months-one year.
    I committed to one year when I joined and even in rain and 18 degree a.m.s my arse was out there.
    Let Brett do for you what he has done for me.
    Show you how to live a fun healthy strong life.
    You'll love the new you.
    I can never thank you, Brett, enough for showing me what a squat is-Stick out that arse and plan on not going to the bathroom for a few days. OUCH!

With Care
Cheryl Just
Fellow health nut.

San Jose August 2009


THANK YOU, Brett et al! 

You (Baucchus, too) totally rock! 

I signed up for your Boot Camp because I really needed to have my rear kicked into shape.  After 4 weeks of your camp (5 days/week) I not only dropped 10 pounds, inches and body fat but I met my even bigger objective.  I had failed the physical agility portion of the entrance exam to the SC County Sheriff’s department 3 times because I was just too slow.  The day after camp ended was the moment of truth and I was absolutely speechless when the deputy who’d seen me fail numerous times before came up to me before the final event.  He told  me that I’d already scored enough points to pass and that at that point I just had to complete the final run and I’d have succeeded.  I’d never been there before and was seriously doubting that I’d ever hear those words!  I know I wouldn’t have made it without you all.  Not to mention all the great and supportive women I met during our camp.  7 of us “newbies” at your last camp are all back in varying degrees of scheduling (3 days/week vs. 5) for this 7 week super camp!  Keep pushing little ol’ me and I’ll put all the 20-something year old men to shame when we hit the academy in February!  ;-)  Can’t wait!

Thanks again!


Hi Brett,

I wanted to write to you and tell you about an incident with my son during my first boot camp with you.

During the middle of my first session with San Jose Adventure Boot Camp, I was playing soccer with my 8 year-old son. When we finished playing, he looked up at me and said "Mom, this is the first time EVER that you didn't quit because you were too tired". Can't wait to see the actual weight loss results but I don't think it gets any better than hearing something like that!

Taylor Stilwell

My name is Mahi. I am currently attending Brett Riesenhuber's "San Jose Boot Camp". I cant say enough about this wonderful camp and great trainer.

I had been wanting to improve my health since the beginning of the new year. But i hardly had the motivation to go to the big gym in my apartment. I started searching for a personal trainer and was somehow convinced to join this bootcamp just by visiting Brett's website.

Now I am into the third week and i am feeling so great. When i joined the camp i was having a lot of fears about the trainer. I imagined that he was going to shout in my face and make me do all the exercises. But Brett was exactly the opposite of what i had expected. 

He is very professional, very energetic, very respectful, very inspiring and encouraging. He is a delight to work with. He is absolutely devoted to his job and loves his job. He cares about every single person who attends the camp. I never wanted to miss even 1 day of this camp. Its a lot of fun and i never realize when the session started and ended. It is so fast and full of fun.


Hi, my name is Shelby R. and I have been doing San Jose Adventure boot
camp for a couple of months now, and absolutly love it! I would like to tell
you that it is the best fitness program I have ever done, and it actually

-Shelby R

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brett and the program!! It honestly works!!

-Lauren B

Just my 2 cents worth and whole hearted vote of confidence for
Brett and the San Jose Adventure Bootcamp.(Willow Glen, Cambrian & Campbell area)
I hate exercising but after almost a year with the program I can honestly say I've become somewhat addicted!
It's a great fun program and I only occasionally mind getting up st 5:00a.m. to make the 5:30 exercise adventure!

-Sonja E

San Jose Adventure Boot Camp is awesome, The Best & Most Fun workout I have had. The results are great too!

Thank You,

Me Too!!;-)


I'd like to put in my 2cents about "Adventure Boot Camp for Women" and Brett A. Reisenhuber, who runs Prime Physique and the camp.  I LOVE THIS PROGRAM.  It is totally awesome.  I started going in October 2007 and seem to re-enroll for every new camp.

-Marci O

To think we willingly ask for your torture! Thanks for everything!


Brett is fantastic. He really cares about each of his
clients and is truly dedicated to providing the best
service there is.

-Dora G

I love being outdoors and in a group setting with women. I also enjoyed the obstical course with jump ropes, side steps, pull ups, etc. It was hard work but motivating to be in a group.

I didn't think it was going to be this fun and I would feel this good about myself even before the day has really begun!

Wendy Heller

Well this is my third camp, so I think that says how I feel about being there! According to my HRM (Heart Rate Monitor) I burned 700+ calories today!

Boot Camp is great! Its gotten me back into a more consistent workout routine, I was able to keep up the getting up early even during the off weeks.

Lynette Baker

My back is feeling better. My family has noticed my body shape after the first week. My husband asked me how long I have been exercising in Boot Camp. I have more energy. The class exercises are organized perfectly. I have taken boot Camp classes before, but I really enjoy you as the instructor and your program! Your Pre Boot Camp nutrition class was perfect also. I enjoy this class very much...Brett you are worth every penny;-)

Elvira R.

I like the group dynamic, being able to work at your level, and I appreciate the support from the other participants and the instructor. There is never a dull moment, and each day was completely different from the prior days. When I work out by myself at the gym, I find ways to put it off until later in the day because it is really boring and takes great discipline. Now I know others are there waiting, and besides, who wants to do extra push ups (for being late)!

The instructor (Brett) is excellent and very helpful. I especially like the fact that all the exercises are based in other areas of physical fitness like Yoga, cardio, and resistance. My biggest concern about attending Boot Camp was that I wouldn't be able to keep up and complete anything. Surprisingly, I have done alright.

Great Job Brett! Thanks for offering such an awesome program! I particularly like the access to the web site to log in food and exercise. This is a fabulous tool.

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the best) how would you rate San Jose Adventure Boot Camp?

A 10+++++ DA BOMB BABY I love it! I felt very happy and up beat and full of energy! Before Boot Camp I was tired and in a pissy Mood! I love the way Brett motivates us and is not a hard ass but does push us for the level we are at. I am overweight but pushing myself to the fullest. On my last day I want to see a result. I love Boot Camp...nothing bad about it;-)

Sarah Alatorre

This fitness and weight loss program is honestly the best gift I have given myself. It is motivating, stimulating and challenging…everything my old routine lacked. It jump starts my day and I have met a wonderful group of women from all walks of life. I receive dedicated personal instruction – I couldn’t ask for anything more in an exercise program. You need to do this for yourself.

Kristin Daniels


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